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Wayne's Philosophy




Most dogs can be trained to become happy, calm & active members of a harmonious family!


Wayne Dorman has taken his passion for dogs and love for his family and has created and implemented these training ‘goals’ in order to achieve ‘harmony’ in the family pack!


Although this line of work is largely ‘instinctive’ in nature, Wayne’s perseverance and determination have led him to meet and train with the most well-known and highly respected personalities in the world!


… Cesar Milan, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Martin Deeley, Robyn McFarlane, The Monks of New Skeete and Brian Kilcommons just to name a few!


Wayne’s ‘instinctive’ nature perfectly counters the general behaviour of dogs, who are still largely driven by centuries upon centuries of accumulated natural ‘instincts‘.


Part of Wayne’s strategy comes from studying the behaviours of wild dogs before domestication - they lived in packs and had a leader who’s responsibility was to regulate all the dogs’ behaviours and kept the pack in harmony. Even the wild dogs of today, found in Africa and Australia, follow this pattern of existence. Only the dog with the strongest "Pack Leadership Qualities" qualities – confidence, assertiveness and charisma – becomes the leader! The rest of the pack develops a pattern of respect and obedience to the Alpha. The Alpha completes the hierarchy by protecting them and keeping the peace within the pack. There is order in the pack because this systematic pattern creates a strong sense of security, which leads to harmony within the pack.


Our K-9 pets know instinctively what the 'Pack Leadership' is all about. When they come into our pack (AKA family), they are happiest when they know who is the leader. If we start treating them as leaders, they will try to live up to the honour by taking charge. They will snarl, snap, or even bite to maintain the order of what they see as their pack. Giving them their own way in desperation only serves to re-enforce their Pack Leadership status. They will quite naturally carry their behaviours to those outside the household who might present a threat to the pack. The dog will go to great lengths to protect its pack, developing behaviors that are often seen as anti-social or dangerous in order to ensure its pack’s safety. In extreme cases, a dog can become what essentially amounts to an attack dog who may have to be euthanized for the safety of the community. And all this because the dog was led to believe that it was the Alpha, leader and protector of its pack.


At Dogzies, Wayne Dorman and his staff believe that all dogs can be trained to become happy, calm members of a harmonious family. We also know that there are dogs who are naturally submissive. When this type of dog finds itself in a pack (family) where there is no strong leader, the resulting stress can be debilitating. These are the dogs that are labelled as being fearful, timid, nervous, neurotic, or just plain nutty.


Therefore, dog owners must take on the responsibility of being the pack leader and become the Alpha. Wayne sees this as the formula for well-behaved pets in a naturally harmonious setting. Your dog needs affection and firmness in establishing your expectations, and above all else, a feeling of belonging to a happy and secure pack. Dogzies has been specifically designed by Wayne Dorman himself to establish respect of the 'Pack Leader' while nurturing the relationship between dog and owner.