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Touchless Training ©

The goal of touchless training is to obtain maximum results with absolutely no physical force... having your dog learn appropriate behaviours in a gentle manner which is easy to understand.


How would you like to give your dog the freedom to be off leash and trust him/her to come back to you every time... no matter what?!


Here at Dogzies, Wayne Dorman and his staff can give you that opportunity!


No dog wants to be kept on a leash their entire life. With touchless dog training©, you can give your pet(s) the freedom they want, deserve and love! Having that will eventually make them happier and better pets! You will learn how to trust in your dog, and have the confidence you so rightfully deserve to bring him/her everywhere and anywhere... without having to worry about the 'what if's'!


If your dog's bad habits have unfortunately become part of daily life... we have the answer!


Whether the issue is bolting, aggression, excessive barking or chasing cars and/or livestock... we can help! ... the results of the right type of training can and WILL be seen in a very short amount of time.


We invite you to explore how technology can help take you and your dog to a higher level!