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Wayne Dorman

Wayne Dorman spent his formative years in South Africa. He was no supporter of apartheid and attended the best of integrated schools and boarding schools where he had friends of all races and from all walks of life. He then pursued a post-secondary education in Hotel Management at a world renowned Swiss School. Following work experience sponsorships in Switzerland, Australia and England, Wayne earned employment at several leading hospitality establishments in Vancouver, BC.


Then Wayne Dorman’s life drastically changed. A car accident in 2003 left him facing an exhaustive 22-month recovery period. To keep him occupied, he acquired a beagle named Kingsley - who trainers had written off as untrainable! Working with his new pet, expressing the firm kindness and respect that dogs warm to, Wayne "persuaded" his unruly beagle to become a well-behaved and sociable member of his family. It was then that Wayne Dorman found his life's true calling!


Wayne rigorously pursued his passion, traveling to Seattle, Miami, Orlando, Denver, Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York, South Africa, England and Ireland to investigate and learn cutting-edge training methods. Wayne has had the priviledge of associating with experts like Cesar Milan, Brian Kilcommons, The Monks Of New Skete, Martin Deeley, Sarah Wilson, Robin MacFarlane and Dr. Ian Dunbar to name a few.


In 2005 Wayne moved to Kelowna and set about getting to know the area and its people through working a number of pet-related jobs. Finally, in October of 2006, all of Wayne Dorman’s hard work and dedication paid off as he realized his dream of opening a Canine School of Excellence: DOGZIES!


Since then, Wayne has observed, assessed and trained thousands of dogs in the Okanagan. Some of these dogs had such rampant behaviour problems that owners were considering euthanasia as the only solution. Through his gentle but firm training methods, Wayne has saved the lives of countless such dogs. The Dorman Method of dog training has been met with unquestionable success and acclaim.


Wayne Dorman’s extraordinary influence on canine behaviour and response has resulted in his growing reputation among Okanagan dog owners. Dogzies is the embodiment of canine excellence in the Okanagan, and with Wayne Dorman at the helm, it will continue to be for years to come.