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TO: ALL DOG OWNERS I just wanted to let everyone know how valuable Dogzies has been to our family. Because of Wayne (Dogzies) our family has three beautiful, amazing dogs that we enjoy every day. However, before we found Dogzies this wasn't the case. When I first called Wayne, at Dogzies, one of my French Bulldogs, Oreo, was very aggressive; in fact, he had attacked a neighbour’s dog. Prior to this, Oreo had also gone after several other dogs, as well as an electrician. Due to Oreo’s dominant behaviour, our second French bulldog, Mocha, was also becoming aggressive. We were desperate for help. I have always believed that when you take a pet into your family it's yours for the rest of its life; however, because Oreo was so aggressive, and we had been to other trainers who could not help us, we were actually thinking of giving Oreo away. I was heartbroken. About a month earlier I read an article about Dogzies in the local newspaper and had saved it. After Oreo attacked our neighbour’s dog, I called Dogzies and explained my situation; but, I didn’t have much hope for Oreo because, as I mentioned earlier, no other trainer had been able to help him. My husband was getting fed up with Oreo’s behaviour (he thought it was only a matter of time until someone sued us); so, I knew this was Oreo’s last shot. Wayne arrived at my house the day after we spoke on the phone. He worked with Oreo for a while and then asked my neighbour (the one whose dog had been bitten) to come over with her dog. At first she declined, afraid; but, Wayne assured her that her dog, Baxter, would be fine. Within two minutes of Baxter’s arrival, Oreo was no longer aggressive toward him. It was amazing to watch! Also, within one week of working with Wayne, Oreo became far less aggressive in every aspect of his behaviour. In addition to the one-on-one training Wayne did with Oreo, he also introduced Oreo to an electric collar, which he showed us how to use effectively. You can imagine our joy when, as time went by, Oreo’s behaviour became better and better. In fact, he is now able to go to the dog park and do others things that were never possible before. Oreo has a much better quality of life thanks to Dogzies. About a year after Wayne helped Oreo, we acquired a new dog, Corsa, a Cane Corso. We were told by many people that buying Corsa was a mistake because she was a very aggressive breed of dog. Thus, as soon as we picked up Corsa we took her to Dogzies and left her with Wayne for approximately 2 weeks. After we took Corsa home, we continued to take her, as well as our other two French Bulldogs, to Dogzies weekly for a day out and a training session. Additionally, each time we went out of town we had Dogzies keep all our dogs. Wayne is the only trainer I know that takes the dogs he looks after to his home at the end of the workday, and on weekends. At Wayne’s, once a dog is trusted, he/she is free to play in Wayne’s enormous backyard with other dogs and be part of the family inside his house. Wayne treats all dogs left in his care as if they were his own. Thanks to Wayne, our Cane Corso is now two years old and has no aggressive tendencies. She walks perfectly and is a pleasure to take for walks. The kids all fight on who is going to get to hold Corsa’s leash. Additionally, she is totally obedient, as well as friendly to every dog and person she meets. Our family truly believes this is because of the training she has had with Wayne at Dogzies. In March of 2009, we relocated to Edmonton. I can't tell you how much we miss having Dogzies to help us with our dogs. I have checked many boarding kennels and trainers here, but there is no place in all of Edmonton that can hold a candle to Dogzies. We no longer board our dogs when we go away; if they can't come, we don't go. I am always asking Wayne if he would consider opening a facility here, as I have told many of my dog-loving friends what an amazing place Dogzies is. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be within driving distance of Dogzies should definitely take advantage of the amazing services they offer. As I said, our family truly misses having Dogzies in our lives. Wayne Dorman, and Dogzies, is one of a kind! Sincerely,Barbara Caldwell

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