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Private Training

The breed cannot be taken out of the dog... but what we, together, can achieve is piece of mind knowing that YOU are the "leader of the Pack" and your dog will now sit aside and wait attentively to your every word and command.


Dogzies does not take walk-ins, every client (human & K-9!) go through a screening process with Wayne Dorman himself to ensure that our relationship with you is built with the same goals and principles in mind!


There are many different types of training formulations available, and you can be certain that Wayne will personalize it according to your very needs. From in-home & on-site training, combination boarding/day-school services or maybe group-setting training to encourage your dog's attention to be on YOU... the possibilities with Wayne are endless!


This private one-on-one training with you, your pet and Wayne will offer the quickest form of behaviour correction in a constructive and positive way while restructuring your relationship with your pet(s) and encouraging new and improved behaviours from your K-9 partner(s)!!!