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RuDogFit? Classes©

This is a program that Wayne has added to the "Dogzies" group-training repertoire... and it has become so popular that he now has a waiting list of dogs and owners who want to be a part of it!


The program is a wonderful way to exercise yourself and your pet under the guidance of a fitness trainer for you and a dog trainer for your K-9 companion!


This program exemplifies Wayne’s most cherished dream of training for dog and owner.


A challenge for you and your dog. Wayne Dorman is a HUGE fan of keeping you and your dog fit from a health & wellness aspect as well as a bonding & nurturing angle. He has partnered with DiMENsions Fitness to offer training sessions that will facilitate all of these points.


Interacting with your pet while you are both exercising physically and challenging each other mentally, will prove to be a rewarding experience for all!


Located at K.L.O. & Benvoulin, DiMENsions is a first-class facility. It is typically a circuit workout for men, but both men and women are welcome to take part in the R U DOG FIT?! classes. The hydraulic machines at DiMENsions are suitable for all fitness levels, ages and genders! Their concept provides strength training as well as a cardiovascular workout. The equipment is easy and safe to use, and everyone will be provided with thorough instructions from Wayne and the trainers @ DiMENsions.



R U Dogfit is the ideal introduction to becoming a vital part of your dog’s training and a way to bond with them in a way that you have never before envisioned.




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(Please visit the "Guidelines" tab on our website to ensure you have everything necessary for your dog's 'Training' with Wayne!)